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Beautiful Bodies continues to sweep Europe, being widely produced throughout Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Estonia, the Netherlands and now coming to Germany, Czechoslovakia and Poland. The novel, Beautiful Bodies, is best selling in Germany as "Unter Freundinnen" (among friends)

"Laura Shaine's one woman play Webcam Woman will be published soon in BEST MONOLOGUES by Applause Books."






NEW PALTZ, N.Y.  MARCH 09, 2014


The Angst-Free Writing Workshop

given by


 Laura Shaine Cunningham

Sunday  March 09, 2014





Workshop Description


Writing doesn't have to be painful, and filled with barriers. Writing can be a pleasure and a release from past pain. Eight published books later, I have arrived at a method that has helped hundreds of writers overcome blocks and start and finish new projects.

Writing can be easy and fun. Find out how in this proven workshop.




Laura Shaine Cunningham is the author of two acclaimed memoirs, Sleeping Arrangements and A Place in the Country, which were first published in The New Yorker and went on to become bestsellers. She is also the author of six novels, Including “Beautiful Bodies” and “Dreams of Rescue” and is a popular playwright and

frequent contributor to The New York Times.


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Saturday | July 6 | 6:30 pm
Laura Shaine Cunningham's "CRUISIN' CLOSE TO CRAZY' is included in
Noteworthy Shorts: The Music Plays
Continuing Maverick’s theatrical tradition and heritage,
members of this prestigious group are onstage again,
this time with multiple original short plays with a musical flavor.
Admission is by contribution only and Maverick tickets are not valid.


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